Who are APPs?

What exactly are Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)?

Advanced Practice Provider is an inclusive term for Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NP). They are providers who are board certified to diagnose, manage, and treat conditions bringing you to The ENT Institute. They work as a team with our surgeons, audiologists, allergy specialists, and speech therapists, to maximize your care and outcomes. APPs see patients in clinic autonomously, just as the surgeons do, only they do not do surgery. Whereas the Physicians go through medical school, residency, and some even onto fellowship, APPs are trained in the medical school (as a PA) or nursing (as an NP) model after which time they are required to pass national board certification licensing them to practice medicine. Upon doing so, they are then trained in the field in which they work allowing them to hone their craft. All APPs with The ENT Institute are expertly trained to do in-office procedures like nasal endoscopies, laryngoscopies, biopsies, injections, sinus debridements, cerumen removal, as well as prescribe medications, diagnose, treat, and order testing and surgery when appropriate.  There are many advantages to seeing an APP. Their knowledge base is excellent and they work closely with our surgeons who are experts in their field. Should there be any concern of diagnosis, management, or optimal treatment, our APPs never hesitate to engage them in the decision-making process.

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