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When To See A Doctor About Dizziness

Dizziness is a general term often used to describe the feeling of being woozy, imbalanced, lightheaded, or the sensation of spinning.  There are many different causes of dizziness; which can include inner ear disorders, heart or blood pressure conditions, anemia, dehydration, stress/anxiety, etc. In addition to an ENT doctor, an audiologist will assist in diagnosing the cause of dizziness and whether or not treatment may be necessary.

The vestibular, or balance system, is located in the inner ear. Therefore, if you are experiencing prolonged, recurrent or sudden dizziness, seeing an otolaryngologist (ENT) and/or an audiologist is a good place to start. Testing is often required to determine the specific cause of dizziness. These tests could include hearing tests or videonystagmography (VNG) testing.  Videonystagmography is a test of balance which evaluates the inner ear function as well as central nervous system functions. 

The probability of experiencing dizziness increases with age.  Experiencing dizziness can also cause an increase in falling incidents, which can result in injury.  If you experience sudden vertigo or sudden hearing loss, make an appointment with the ENT Institute as soon as possible.

Ear, Nose & Throat Institute offers otolaryngology, audiology, and Physical Therapy services in 13 convenient locations throughout Georgia and Mississippi to help alleviate all of your dizziness issues. Call 770-740-1860 to schedule an appointment today!

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