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Serving the under-served

In the medical community, WellCare patients are under-served and forgotten first. That’s why the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute now takes WellCare as an insurance option for specific treatments and procedures. See some of the specific treatments below: 

  • Tonsillectomy
  • Adenoidectomy
  •  Tubes
  • Pediatric sinus surgery 
  • Septoplasty 

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Now Taking WellCare!

Watch this short video detailing some of the things that we treat for WellCare patients. Don’t go to the urgent care or 

what is the ent institute

What is the ENT Institute?

With a lack of information about ear, nose and throat specialists, many people think the urgent care or hospital is the best place to get those needs fixed. So, what is the ENT Institute and how does it compare to an urgent care or hospital? Read more

The Benefits of the ENT Institute

According to, one of the most common illnesses seen at urgent cares is sinusitis. If you’re someone who has dealt with sinus issues, allergies, hearing loss and ear infections, or even sleep problems, the ENT Institute delivers more benefits than an urgent care. Read more

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