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The Benefits of a Saltwater Rinse

Sore throats and mouth sores are common conditions that most people experience. Saltwater gargles can be a cheap, safe, and effective way to ease the pain. This simple at-home remedy can even promote quicker healing in your mouth after surgery or a small trauma like a cut. Here’s how you can add a salt rinse to your at-home health routine (and why you should.)

How to Do a Saltwater Rinse

To make a saltwater rinse: 

  1. Add ½ a teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water.
  2. Swish the rinse around your mouth for ten to twelve seconds,
  3. Then spit it out.

Make sure you don’t swallow the saltwater, as all that salt can be dehydrating and isn’t healthy to ingest!

The Benefits of a Saltwater Rinse

  1. Reduces Bacteria
    1. Where bacteria thrive, so does sickness. When you use a salt rinse, it’s harder for the bacteria in your mouth to grow spores that thrive and breed. And these bacteria spores can lead to sickness and a sore throat.
  1. Fights Bad Breath
    1. If your mouth is sensitive to traditional alcohol-based mouthwashes, saltwater rinses are a cheap and natural alternative for fresh breath. Swish with salt water after lunch or your coffee break, and enjoy fresh breath without the intense sting of alcohol-based mouthwashes.
  1. Cost-Effective 
    1. Salt is one of the cheapest ingredients you can find at the store, which makes adding this versatile ingredient to your health routine easy. From fresher breath to healing wounds faster, using a saltwater rinse just once a week can make a difference for your mouth health. 

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