Want ENT Care From The Comfort of Your Own Home?

We have an ENT Specialist Just a Text Away...

Teslong Otoscope



$40 for the otoscope, plus Tax and $5 Shipping fee
Also sold in all 12 Locations
$80 Cash Telemedicine Visit with our ENT Specialist Provider
Text CAREASSIST to 41411 to get started
Guaranteed to have a professional respond to your text in less than 30 minutes or it’s free
What is the worst part about visiting a doctor for you?

Missing work? The wait? Stopping everything you are doing to drive somewhere? Or is it that your child might have a melt down from fear? How easy does that sound? IT DOESN’T! 

With the ENT Insitute you can visit a medical doctor from the comfort of your own home or your desk at work. It’s as easy as a text. 

All you have to do is purchase our telemedicine product, connect to the internet and our doctors can walk you through your appointment to find what is troubling you! 

After that we can send your prescription to wherever you are located! Save your time and your baby’s tears, let our family take care of yours!