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Summertime means fun, sun, allergies, and infections

It’s that time of the year again where the sun’s out, the air is fresh, and there’s a general feeling of good times ahead. Even with a mild hint of warmth, people want to plan cruises and vacations on the beach for the next few months. It’s a time to let our troubles disappear in the heat of the sand or in the waves of the ocean. 

But what about when it’s not all fun and games? What happens when summertime also means allergy, sinus and ear infection time? 

Just think, pets start shedding in the summer, which means your pet allergies will multiply. After that, in some cases, those allergies can turn into sinus infections. Ever been stuck at home with a sinus infection while your friends and family enjoy the great outdoors? Not fun. 

And what about ear infections? You may not suffer through them, but if you have kids who like to swim, there’s a chance at some point they’ll have an ear infection. 

As dreadful as those things are, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer through them without relief. 

Ways to prevent and treat summer allergies, sinus and ear infections

Imagine this: you’re at a family cookout in the middle of July. The air smells of grilled meats and sauteed vegetables. The slight breeze caresses the skin and passes into the nostrils, providing the sweet aroma of clean air. 

But then you sneeze explosively without warning, realizing too late that your uncle’s St. Bernard has made his way to your side, only wanting mere belly rubs. But sneezing is only the beginning. Your eyes start to itch and water as well. That’s because Brutus the St. Bernard is slobbering and shedding all at once and you’re allergic to both. 

That’s not the only scenario that’s possible in the summer. It’s just one of many. But here’s a list of things you can do to up your immune system and prevent heavy symptoms. 

Dealing with pets 

pet allergies - bath

If you own pets, here’s a few things you can do to cohabit with your furry friends without much issue. Not saying you’re not going to have reactions, but these tips should help alleviate some of that suffering. 

  • Wash your pet at least once a week
  • Wash your pet’s bed at least once a week
  • Don’t let them sleep with you in your bedroom
  • Leave them outside (they’re animals, they’ll be fine)

Dealing with pollen, dust, and mold 

But what if you’re not allergic to dogs and cats? What if you’re allergic to being outside? Some people take one step out their front door and it’s like getting punched in the face. Here’s a few things you can do to alleviate some of that ouchy. 

  • Consume more vitamin-c 
  • Take showers and wash your clothes as soon as you come into your home to prevent spread in the house 
  • Get an allergy test for effective allergy treatment
  • Vacuum with a HEPA filter
  • Nasal irrigation to clean out the sinus and nasal passages 
  • Close the windows
  • Just become a hermit and never go outside ever again

Dealing with sinus infections 

Some people have sinus infections. Others though, have chronic sinusitis. What’s that? It’s when you have sinus infections lasting months at a time. Can you imagine how painful that is? Facial pain, sinus headaches, and nasty mucus all over the place? It’s horrific. Anyway, there’s a few things you can do to fight sinus infections this summer. 

  • Warm compress over the face to alleviate some of that pain
  • Nasal irrigation using water and saline to clear out the sinuses
  • Breathing in steam from a hot shower or a pot filled with boiling water to get the mucus flowing 
  • Treatment by an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) using various methods including a new innovation called balloon sinuplasty

Dealing with ear infections 

Nothing’s worse than an ear infection. Well, that’s not true. There’s much worse things in the world than ear infections, but for the sake of this blog let’s say that ear infections are pretty awful, especially if they’re happening to a loved one. The first priority should be getting the infection taken care of by a medical professional, but if there’s a bit of a waiting period, here’s some things you can do to alleviate those symptoms. 

  • Pain relievers as directed by a medical professional 
  • When you’re able to see a doctor, getting tubes might come up in the discussion. This is not uncommon and places like the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute can provide that service 
  • Applied heat can be used to help the pain, but be very careful when applying heat to children. Consult their doctor first. (Felson, 2018). 

Basically, you and your loved ones don’t have to suffer this summer. There are means for treatment from a professional and at-home remedies to help alleviate symptoms temporarily. 

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, where our experts treat the SOURCE of the problem, not just the symptoms. Call 770-740-1860 to schedule a same-day or Saturday appointment. 


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