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Starkey’s innovative technology in Bluetooth and AI technology leads toward better hearing, better communication, and all around better health. Everything from volume control, remote access, rechargeable batteries, and language translation is available.

CaptionCall is a phone that displays captions for people with hearing loss. The best part? It’s FREE. Just come in to our office for a free hearing test and evaluation to gain certification that you have hearing loss and the phone is yours. CaptionCall is authorized by the FCC, allowing the phones to be free of charge to those with hearing loss. The phone is also packaged with a few services that include:
  • Free delivery and installation
  • Training from a CaptionCall trainer
If you believe you’re in need of the CaptionCall service, please contact us or schedule an appointment to see one of our ENT physicians in Atlanta, GA or Starkville, MS.

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