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Sports and Concussions

With the Super Bowl just passing, it reminds us that even the strongest men can get head injuries. Rob Gronkowski, Tight End of the New England Patriots, was previously on concussion protocol for a helmet-to-helmet hit in the AFC Championship game. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury or damage to the brain, that affects your brain’s function, usually caused by impact to the head, a fall, or being shaken violently. You DO NOT have to hit your head to suffer from a concussion. So, what does this mean and how can the ENT Institute help you?

Athletes who return to play before they’re fully recovered are at greater risk for a subsequent concussion and long-term symptoms like headaches, dizziness, difficulty with concentrating, light sensitivity, confusion, ringing in the ears, nausea/vomiting, fatigue, disturbance of sleep, and cognitive deficits.  These symptoms can linger and affect a person for years, even decades. And even more seriously, sometimes lead to death. Concussions are very serious and should not be taken lightly.

We want to make sure your athlete is safe by providing a dynamic test that assesses a person’s readiness to return to sports after a concussion. We use a static force plate, we have the athlete/person perform various tasks which measure body sway during those tasks. Results are compared to research/normative data based on the age of the individual to assess if they are physically able to return to playing sports.  We also offer baseline testing for those who are interested so we have a true comparison if the athlete is injured. In the event of a concussion, we have expert physical therapists who can help the athlete alleviate the symptoms following a concussion so they can get back to playing sports. Our goal is to ensure the safety of the athlete, make sure they are physically and cognitively ready to return to play, and symptom-free.

We want you to know that we can help!  So many are suffering that do not realize that help is available to them.  It is important to know if the athlete is ready, both physically and cognitively, to return to activity and playing sports.  Please do not send your child back into the game without being tested. Their life depends on it. Don’t let a concussion change your life, seek help, if the NFL players can do it, you can too! Please let our family take care of yours.

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