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Speech Pathologists Provide Services for Disorders of the Voice

mother and daughterAt the ENT Institute, we are proud to include fully licenses speech pathologists on our staff for those with voice, swallowing, and speech/communication disorders. Our goals are to help patients communicate more clearly, easily, effectively, and confidently; and/or swallow (eat/drink) more easily, confidently, and safely. We understand the fears and frustrations that may coincide with these types of disorders, and we are here to help you.

We recognize that even the minor symptoms you experience can be irritating and possibly interfere with daily life. Your concerns and questions are taken very seriously, no matter how small or large they might seem. The speech pathology approach here at the ENT Institute involves consistent communication with you in order to arrive at an individually tailored treatment plan together that can easily fit into your daily life.

Give us a call if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • voice changes lasting longer than two weeks (especially if you smoke)
  • pain in your throat when talking that is not from a cold or flu
  • a severe change in your voice (or complete loss of voice) lasting longer than a few days that is not associated with a cold or the flu
  • persistent voice changes that inhibit your ability to do your normal activities
  • vocal fatigue
  • hoarseness or other change in the pitch/timbre or quality of your voice
  • a loss in a portion of your speaking or singing range
  • tightness/discomfort or burning sensation in your throat
  • a sensation of something stuck in your throat
  • difficulty making your voice sufficiently loud or soft
  • breathlessness when you speak
  • tremor quality or abrupt starts and stops of your voice that you have difficulty controlling
  • a feeling of the need to cough or clear your throat frequently

To learn more about our Atlanta speech services or to schedule an appointment if you are in the Atlanta area, from Lawrenceville to Alpharetta, give us a call at any of our offices!

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