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Snoring in children

Snoring in Children Can Cause School Troubles

Is snoring in children really a big problem?

Even though the sun filled days of summer are still here the next school year is just around the corner. Parents are busy preparing their children for a new year of fun and challenges. Did you know that your kids need more than just school supplies to be ready for a year of learning and growing? They also need a good night’s sleep!

Snoring in children

While many of us know adults who snore, snoring in children can sometimes be more than just cute. Snoring in children, especially when accompanied by pauses in breathing, can actually be a more serious condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA.
OSA in children is usually caused by enlarged tonsils and adenoids (which are tonsillar tissue in the back of the nose). This can lead to blockage in the nose and throat when the child tries to breathe at night, creating the snoring, snorting, and pauses that parents sometimes notice. What is really happening is that the child is not getting enough oxygen when they breathe overnight. This puts a strain on the child’s heart and lungs and also leads to a poor night’s sleep.

Having undiagnosed OSA can lead to problems in the daytime such as hyperactivity, inability to pay attention, daytime sleepiness, and poor school performance. You can imagine that if a child is using tons of energy and calories overnight trying to breathe then they don’t have enough energy the next day in school to pay attention and to learn.

The best way to know if your child’s snoring is serious is to see an ENT for an evaluation. This way your kids will be sure to be happy, healthy, and have enough energy to face the new school year.

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