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Signs Your Child Might Have an Ear Infection

ear infection doctorEar infections happen all the time with young kids, but diagnosing the problem can be–well, a problem. When the ears are infected the eustachian tubes become inflamed and swollen. The adenoids can also become infected. The infections are usually painful.

Small children will probably have a difficult time articulating what they are feeling. So how can you tell if your child might be suffering from an ear infection?

Here are a few signs your child might exhibit you if he or she has an ear infection:

  • Does she tug or pull at her ears?
  • Does he cry more than usual?
  • Do you see fluid draining out of her ears?
  • Does he have trouble sleeping?
  • Can she keep her balance?
  • Does he have trouble hearing?
  • Does she seem not to respond to quiet sounds?

A child with an ear infection may show you any of these signs. If you see any of them, call your Atlanta doctor.

If your child is prescribed medicine, be sure to give administer all of the medicine. Make sure it is given at the right times. If your doctor asks you to bring your child back for a recheck, do it on schedule. Your doctor wants to know if the ears are clear of fluid and if the infection has stopped. Write down and ask the doctor any questions you have before you leave his or her office.

To schedule an appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, please call 770-406-6587 if you are in the Atlanta area, including East Cobb, and Buckhead.

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