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Free hearing aid evaluation, even if you didn't buy them from us!

Did you buy hearing aids and now they’re not working? Volume too loud? Not loud enough? Is there an annoying whistle you can’t seem to get rid of? 

That’s where we come in. Your hearing aid is only as good as the person who programmed it. Don’t wait and let your hearing loss get worse. Come in for a free 2nd opinion clinic where we do an evaluation of your devices for free! 

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What is the Second Opinion Clinic?

Dr. Sheila Pack discusses the benefits of our free second opinion clinic. 

Dr. Sheila Pack on WSBTV

Dr. Sheila Pack represents the ENT Institute on WSBTV, discussing Second Opinion Clinic. 

The Hearing Center at the ENT Institute

Learn about what the Hearing Center provides at the ENT Institute. 

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