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National Youth Sports Week

What is National Youth Sports Week? It’s recognized nationally as a time to celebrate the health and outdoor activities of our youth, focusing on the importance of kids being active. It encourages a better lifestyle for children and hopes to better their health and cooperation with others through teamwork. In hopes to be a part of the celebration, the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute wants to help our youth remain healthy and safe in their activities. 

Several things that the ENT Institute offers is baseline concussion screening, COBALT (Concussion Balance Test), and visual acuity tests (sports vision) as a means to prevent and treat sports-related injuries. Part of that prevention is education and use of protective equipment during any sporting event, including football, baseball, or even martial arts. 

COBALT is a test designed for youths starting at the age of 10 to 18 and deals with balance, vision, and dizziness. Before that test is even necessary, there’s the baseline concussion screening, which measures an athlete’s normal brain activity and keeps it on record so that in the event of a concussion, providers can compare the before and after. Finally, the visual acuity test helps athletes with their vision in comparison to how quickly their bodies are moving and how they are processing it in real-time. 

It’s important for kids and adults to play sports and be active so that they can be healthier, therefore, taking proper precautions and getting tested will aid in injury prevention. Call TODAY to make an appointment at the  Ear, Nose and Throat Institute. Come in for a sports vision test as well as baseline concussion testing, Let our family, take care of you and yours!

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