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Knowing Flu Symptoms

Knowing flu symptoms versus a cold or a sinus infection can be hard. This question really matters because colds generally aren’t that severe and can be managed without a visit to the doctor. Sinus infections are more severe, but remain manageable. The flu, on the other hand, is much more severe than those and can knock you out for a few days. Another thing to consider is that the flu is highly contagious, so figuring out if it’s a flu or cold will keep your loved ones, friends, and coworkers from contracting it.  

Here are signs to knowing flu symptoms: 


Flu Symptom #1: Abrupt

I remember when I last had the flu. The night before, my throat was just a little itchy, leading me to cough more than normal. No big deal. The next morning, I was coughing up dark yellow mucus and felt like absolute garbage. A few hours later I was running a fever at around 102 degrees. Yeah. I had the flu. It comes on without much warning. You might think it’s a cold or just something small, but it could change drastically. Once the fever comes, go see a doctor. 

Flu Symptom #2: Fever

As said in the previous symptom, I had a fever. You’ll sometimes get those with colds and sinus infections, but this fever is generally much more severe and dangerous. It also shows up without much warning. When it hits, it hits hard. 

Flu Symptom #3: Body Aches/Chills

I don’t know about you, but this has to be my least favorite of the awful symptoms. Body aches and chills are hard to live with, because it keeps me from sleeping and relaxing, which is something the body desperately needs when sick. 


Flu Symptom #4: Sore Throat

Another one of the hardest symptoms to live with is a sore throat. But this can easily be remedied with cough drops or drinking hot beverages. 


If you have the flu or know you’re getting the flu, do not hesitate and go see a doctor immediately. They can prescribe something that will help you get back to yourself in no time. If you’re not sure when it’s the flu, the ENT Institute does do rapid flu and strep tests. Call 770-740-1860 for a same-day or Saturday appointment. 

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