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Pollen allergies …We are infected

It is coming for you… the great plague to our civilized world. It is consuming our country at an alarmingly fast rate. It is making us sick pollen allergies …

Doctor diagnosing pollen allergies

It is blanketing our cars with its filth.

the cause of pollen allergies

It is getting inside of us, infecting us, and ruining our lives that were once cheerful.

Tired man suffering from pollen allergies

No, this is not another episode of the Walking Dead (Although we feel like it is). It is pollen allergies season again…

In order to help you protect you and your loved ones from this terrible pandemic that nature has cast upon us, we at the ENT Institute have put together the POLLEN SURVIVAL GUIDE.


Steps to Survival

Step 1: Timing is key
The Pollen counts are the most devastating between 5-10 am, so avoid nature in this time range. You can sleep in late, quit your job, or just barricade yourself in your room every day to accomplish this.

Step 2: Total Shut Down
Make sure your car and home windows are always shut. Shut everything that can be shut. Close up vents, don’t open doors, and remember…walking your dogs is overrated.

Step 3: Avoid The Infected
You should just avoid anyone or anything that has come in contact with the outdoors at all. Your family, your pets, pizza delivery guy ….. It does not matter.

Step 4: Know your enemy
Check the pollen count every day. It will not do much in the way way of helping you, but it will terrify you enough to follow through with steps 1 through 3.

Step 5: Don’t lose your sanity! Find the cure…
The above steps were supposed to be ridiculous, but they really are based on what actual allergy and pollen websites say. The only real  way to deal with bad allergies is to get allergy testing from your local ENT (like us at The ENT Institute), and get treatment accordingly.

Why try to survive the pollen apocalypse alone… when we have the cure? Call us at 770-740-1860 or click here.


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