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How To Fight Dizziness and Gain Better Balance

You’ve felt it: you’re at work or on a date and all of a sudden you feel the sensations of dizziness and vertigo. It’s often irritating, but sometimes scary depending on the severity of it. Mostly, it happens at inconvenient times when we need to balance the most. You might be one of those people that decides to just live with it and move on, but no one should have to make that choice. 

Here are some ways to counteract the effects of dizziness and bring balance back to your life: 

Drink Plenty of Water

In many cases, dizziness can be attributed to dehydration. People go day-to-day without realizing that they’re in need of more water, which then leads to side effects like dizziness or the feeling of being light-headed. Avoid things like caffeine, which can worsen the symptoms. 

Sit Still 

When dizziness or vertigo occurs, depending on the severity, a good way to fight it is by turning out the lights and laying down while closing your eyes. This will help in achieving a sense of balance after a while. 

Balance Testing and Therapy

At the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute we have what are called Fyzical Therapy centers where our providers treat things like vertigo. It starts with a balance machine where the providers can determine where the problem stems from and how to treat you properly. 

Get Some Rest

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and relaxing just before you go to bed. A restless mind or a body filled with caffeine can prevent a good night’s sleep, leading to various symptoms including dizziness. 

In more extreme cases, dizziness can be linked to heart disease or diabetes. If there are other symptoms that accompany dizziness such as chest pain, vomiting, shortness of breath, or slurred speech you should call 911 immediately. 

Here at the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, we treat dizziness and vertigo with a variety of treatments depending on the cause. 
Visit our website at or call (770) 740-1860 to make an appointment.

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