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How to Avoid Getting Sick

It’s the most contagious time of the year. The cold and the flu are moving faster than Santa delivering packages in one night. It’s a wonder any of us make it out of the holidays without falling ill. Especially since we regularly go to work, the mall, public restrooms, restaurants, airports, etc. We’ve compiled a list of how to avoid getting sick so you can remain healthy and happy. 

flu cough

#1. Get the Flu Shot

This one’s major. The flu vaccine is a preventative that can save you a lot of headache and money. Flu shots are free, but medications are not. Plus, suffering through the flu is the worst, especially when you still have to partake in holiday gatherings. There’s a myth that flu shots give you the flu, but this is simply not true. Most vaccines have a dead virus that might cause a reaction in the body for a short period. It also takes a couple weeks for the vaccine to get into the system, so any virus contracted in that time is a coincidence. 

#2. Exercise

Although gyms can be a hive for germs, exercise on a regular basis can benefit our bodies and immune systems in great ways. even states that exercise helps produce white blood cells which fight diseases and colds. Just make sure to wipe down the equipment before and AFTER using them. If you want to avoid the gym, then go on a walk or run around the neighborhood. 

exercise to prevent flu

#3. Become a Clean Freak

Not saying to go full OCD, but washing your hands for longer than 15 seconds and carrying hand-sanitizer prevents illness from spreading between people. You can’t avoid hugging your Aunt Karen or shaking hands with your father-in-law (because that’s just rude), so make sure you’re prepped and ready-to-go. This also means keeping yourself clean so you don’t spread germs to other people as well. That would also be extremely rude. 

#4. Vitamins

It’s tempting to fill up on comfort foods and drinks (e.g. pumpkin spice lattes and scones), but getting a healthy dose of vitamins is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick. Vitamin C and Vitamin D are especially ones to look out for. Vitamin D is obviously found in sunlight, but also certain foods like mushrooms and egg yolk. Vitamin C comes from citrus fruits like oranges as well as vegetables like broccoli. I’m not saying to completely avoid coffee and scones, but everything in moderation. 


These are the main how to avoid getting sick tips. If you already have the flu or a cold, make sure to use these methods to help alleviate the symptoms and the time it takes to recover. 

If you have a sinus infection or heavy allergies, reach out to the ENT Institute by calling 770-740-1860 for a same-day or Saturday appointment.

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