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Why Choose ENT For Hearing Aids?

We’re doing something no one else is doing. One of our main services, the 2nd Opinion Clinic, is a free evaluation of your hearing aids, even if you didn’t buy them from us. That’s right! If you’re having trouble with hearing aids you’ve purchased in the past, we will evaluate them for free! 

Other services and benefits include: 

  • FREE Hearing Screening 
  • Hearing evaluation and treatment 
  • Tinnitus management and treatment
  • Tinnitus workshops 
  • Second opinion clinic – a diagnostic evaluation of hearing aids, even if they weren’t bought with us
  • The newest and most current hearing aids on the market

Check out our exclusive 2nd Opinion Clinic!

Our very own Dr. Sheila Pack discusses the benefits of a 2nd opinion clinic and how it puts the patient first. 

The Hearing Center

Learn the ins and outs of the ENT Institute’s Hearing Center

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