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Happy Pride Month!

Pride Month is a time for all LGBTQIA+ people to celebrate their identities in a demonstration of unity, love, and unwavering resolve. In celebration of Pride Month, and as a show of gratitude to the community, we are offering FREE voice feminization therapy consultation. This is where we will work on your voice and communication. No matter when the consultation takes place, as long as the assessment is booked during this month, the price will be FREE. We want to do our best to help you. Sessions are available so call now to schedule an appointment. 

To have a better understanding of the importance of voice transitioning, it is important to understand the basic differences in the way that women speak in comparison to men. The female voice is mainly produced from the larynx; this causes the voice to be more airy, with a tone that sounds more melodic and high-pitched than the male voice. The male voice is centered on the chest; this gives it a more sonorous tone. We know that altering your voice can seem like a daunting task, but together, we can accomplish voice feminization. 

Here are some of the varied teaching processes that are utilized:

  • Controlling the vibration in your chest.
  • Altering speech patterns so that the voice vibrates less.
  • Controlling voice emanation from chest to throat.
  • Mastering intonation so that your voice rises and falls in a feminine manner.

Voice feminization is the desired goal of changing a perceived male sounding voice to a perceived female sounding voice. The term voice feminization is used to describe what the desired outcome of techniques, speech therapy, self-help programs and a general litany of other techniques to acquire a female-sounding voice. The methods used for voice feminization vary from professional techniques used for vocal training and speech therapy by trained speech pathologists. Speech therapists and professional voice coaches offer training in both changing the fundamental frequency and how to change the perception of voice quality.

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