Free Hearing Screening!

May is Better Hearing Month!
During this month, we invite you to bring a family member or friend for a FREE HEARING SCREENING from one of our expert audiologists!

In addition to free hearing screenings, if you have a hearing aid you are eligible for a FREE HEARING AID CHECK AND CLEANING! Time flies. Just imagine, your tiny hearing aids work for you 12-16 hours a day 7 days a week with no vacation! Don’t you think they deserve some extra special care?
This cleaning includes:
– Cleaning out all wax and dirt
– Checking for battery drain
– Clean and check the microphones
– Remove moisture and corrosion
Many people report that their hearing aids sound “clearer” after this treatment. It can also prolong the life of the instrument. Not only is this service of your hearing aids complementary, but we will also reward you for coming in with a FREE PACK OF BATTERIES!

For Parents: Our practice is child and family friendly! We offer same day appointments with no referral’s needed from pediatricians.

Here at the ENT Institute, your hearing quality is very important to us. We want you to hear the sounds of your life as clearly as possible! So give us a call and schedule your FREE hearing screening/hearing aid cleaning today!


The ENT Institute is here to help!  Contact our office today at 770-740-1860

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