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Fall Ragweed Allergies

Fall Is In The Air, And So Is Fall Ragweed.

Why let Fall ragweed ruin your fun?

I personally think fall in is the best time of the year, the leaves are changing colors,  football games, cooler weather, pumpkin flavored everything, but for many, it is a miserable time of year due to allergies. Thanks fall ragweed….

Seasonal allergies, including fall allergies, affect more than 35 million Americans and cost more than $7 billion in lost productivity. In the fall, weeds pollinate, and so does the main cause of fall allergies in Georgia….. ragweed. A single ragweed plant can produce one billion pollen grains each season. Ragweed’s lightweight pollen grains can travel up to 400 miles in the wind. Ragweed is often found growing along roads and in open fields throughout the country. In the south, due to the late first frost, ragweed may pollinate though the entire winter.

Another major cause of fall allergies is mold. Outdoor mold can begin at any time of year but in the fall, it thrives in compost piles and in leaves that fall to the ground during the fall. In the south with warmer temperatures in the fall, mold thrives. Mold spores are often airborne. They are very small and very light and can easily be inhaled into the lungs.  The mold spores often rise high in the air during the warming of the day and fall back to the ground during the cooler evenings.

So how can you protect yourself from fall allergies?  You should try to avoid being outside in the mornings and  on windy days. Pollen is most commonly released during the morning hours. If you must be outside during this time and are allergic to ragweed and molds, it is recommended to wear a mask over your nose and mouth until around 10:00 am and on windy days. You should also shower and wash your hair immediately upon returning home. Do not sit or lay of fabric covered furniture until you have showered and changed clothes. As tempting as it is to open your windows on a nice fall day, do not, if you have allergies. You should also remove fallen leaves from your yard often, before they get wet and mold.

80% of people with fall allergies complain off sneezing, runny nose and itchy/watery eyes. They may also have trouble sleeping, being tired, having poor concentration, and decreased productivity. If you suffer from allergies any time of the year, help is easily available. The ENT Institute in Metro Atlanta offers low cost high quality allergy testing and therapy. The immunotherapy can be performed at home allowing you more freedom and less visits to the doctors office. This is especially convenient to those who travel for work and for busy families. If you have allergies call ENT Institute today to schedule your allergy test (770)740-1860.

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