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ENT Institute/Physical Therapy Centers – Fall Awareness Month

September is Fall Awareness Month and here at the ENT Institute/physical therapy centers,  we want to help our seniors learn how to prevents falls.  We value your independence and want to teach you the best way to remain self sufficient!

Statistics show:

  • Every 20 minutes an older American dies from a fall (even more are injured)
  • 3 million people are treated in the emergency room due to falls each year
  • Falls are the leading causes of concussions/traumatic brain injuries and hip fractures
  • 1 in 4 persons over the age of 65 falls each year
  • Falls cost an average of $50 BILLION a year

We have good news!!!  We know how to prevent falls!!!  Here at physical therapy, our therapists are the experts in analyzing the cause for imbalance and teaching you the proper skills to prevent falls.  We have state of the art equipment, a computerized dynamic posturography, designed to assess the three body systems that control balance. Our therapists also look at how you walk, your balance, and your strength and flexibility to design a balance and strengthening program specific to each individual.  We offer safety overhead rail systems with harnesses to challenge you to achieve the best results. Each session is one on one with our therapists to teach prevention, improve balance, decrease associated pain, improve dizziness, and promote wellness.

Even though falls are very common, almost half of older adults never discuss their falls with a health care provider.  Falls in older adults are preventable. The ENT Institute/physical therapy centers plays an important role in fall prevention by offering a multifaceted approach to keep you standing on your own two feet.  Don’t become a statistic! Let us help you!

Fall Prevention Awareness Week is September 22-28, 2018.  Come see us to improve your quality of life by preventing you from falling.  We want to help you! Come let our family take care of yours!

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