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How is the ENT Institute Adapting to the Coronavirus?

With the changes happening all over the world and in our own backyard, the ENT Institute has started implementing new policies for patient convenience and safety. When COVID-19 hit the United States, it was time for a change – a good change – but a shift all-the-same. These different measures are necessary, but will prove to be a great benefit to everyone in the long run. Some of these measures are temporary during the spread of the Coronavirus, while others are permanent installations.

Virtual visits

Whether you don’t want to expose yourself to a virus or you can’t find time to visit a clinic in your busy schedule, virtual visits revolutionize the way that we’re seeing patients. In this visit, our provider can diagnose and prescribe in the initial visit; however, for more extensive diagnosis and treatment, the appointment will have to happen in the clinic. To schedule a same-day virtual visit, call 678-578-7650.

Virtual visit hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 8:00pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Tinnitus Chat

If you’re stuck at home and have questions about tinnitus, the ENT Institute’s Dr. Michael Goforth is ready to help you with any questions you have in a quick, consultation session.

Curbside allergy treatment

While the government highly recommends social distancing, many people don’t want to sit in a reception area with other sick people. To avoid that, allergy testing and allergy shots can be done in a drive-thru setup. Set up an appointment, drive up to the clinic’s curbside, and receive allergy treatment just like that.

Watch the videos below to learn more about allergy tests and allergy immunotherapy:

GuardiENT Solution

At the Ear Nose and Throat Institute, we’ve produced and staff tested a chlorine based solution that we call GuardiENT. It is produced by the electrolysis of water (H2O) and salt (NaCL). The generated result is a mildly acidic form of chlorine known as Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) which happens to be the foundation of the human immune system. It is reported that the neutrophils in our blood when activated are estimated to produce over 1 million HOCl molecules per second to fight invading pathogens and infections.

Our HOCl spray solution is essentially the human immune system in a bottle!

Regarding the current Coronavirus crisis, the World Health Organization has indicated that all chlorine based disinfectants are appropriate to use to combat this virus which is exactly what Hypochlorous acid is. This is what we’re using to spray our reception areas and patient rooms.

To schedule a same-day or Saturday appointment, call 770-740-1860 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

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