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What is the ENT Institute?

Did you know that 70% of urgent care visits are ear, nose and throat related? That’s right. And a majority of those are upper respiratory. So why are people flocking to urgent care when there’s a specialist just for those issues? 

Here are a few reasons people go to urgent care and minute clinics: 

  • Urgent care and minute clinics are believed to be cheaper.
  • Some believe that urgent care means faster, more effective care.
  • Clinics have more transparent pricing than hospitals. 
While some of this is true, urgent care and minute clinics won’t solve the underlying ear, nose and throat issues. They might prescribe quick medications to get you feeling better, faster. But in the end, the care doesn’t attack the problem. According to enttoday.com, “People with complex sinus issues may end up undertreated or treated inappropriately because the treating physician may not have the right diagnosis.” 


With that information, we’re here to let you know that the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute treats a wide range of issues that include hearing losssleep disorders (sleep apnea)chronic sinusitisallergiesspeech disorders, and tonsillitis

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The ENT Institute vs Urgent Care Centers

We provide personalized care that urgent care and minute clinic doesn’t. 

Patient Testimonial

Hear from people who experienced the “Let Our Family, Take Care of Yours” mentality at the ENT Institute. 

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What is an ENT Doctor?

Most people ask this question regularly, because a good portion of the population is not quite sure what an ENT doctor is or what one can do. ENT stands for ear, nose and throat, and ENT doctors are also referred to as otolaryngologists.  Read More

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