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Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment

We know that dealing with dizziness and vertigo is frustrating so we’re here to provide you with the best care possible. At our physical therapy locations, once we know the cause of dizziness and vertigo, we treat you with individual care for your unique health needs. 

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Dizziness Treatment

Are you dizzy? Come see us to find out where the dizziness comes from and how to treat it. 

When to See a Doctor About Dizziness

Dizziness is a general term often used to describe the feeling of being woozy, imbalanced, lightheaded, or the sensation of spinning.  There are many different causes of dizziness…Read More

Dizziness symptoms

When is Dizziness Serious?

How do you know when dizziness is serious? We’ve all been dizzy. It happens for multiple reasons such as dehydration or not enough sleep. Stress can sometimes induce it. But is there a time when it’s dangerous?  Read More

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