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foods that cause dizziness

These Food and Drink Items Cause Dizziness

Shouldn’t food prevent dizziness? Yes. Food generally helps our blood sugars and gets us to normal levels, but in some cases, certain food and drink items can cause dizziness. Not only that, but there are conditions that cause people to get dizzy, even after they’ve eaten. Your first thought might be diabetes, but there’s actually a condition called reactive or nondiabetic hypoglycemia where it’s believed the body produces too much insulin post-meal. Other issues include oversensitivity to caffeine or people with prior heart-related issues who can’t handle too much caffeine. Remember, if your dizziness is accompanied with chest pain or vomiting, please see a doctor immediately. 

For those with these issues or are wondering if food is a trigger, we’ve compiled a list of the 3 food and drink items that cause dizziness. Check it out below: 


Coffee and soda offer a considerable amount of caffeine in them. If you’re someone who might be sensitive to caffeine, cutting back on these will help a lot. Everything in moderation is also something to live by in this case. 


Things like chocolate have the ability to cause migraine headaches. A symptom of migraine headaches is dizziness. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Chocolate’s too good to give up.” Yes, it really is too good, but if it’s causing too much of a problem, is it really worth keeping around?


This one may be a little more obvious, but it’s worth saying. Too much alcohol can lead to high levels of dizziness, depending on the amount of consumption. A drink every so often isn’t bad, so don’t feel like I’m telling you to quit right here and now.


If dizziness isn’t related to a specific food or drink item, it could be that you’re dehydrated and need to consume more water. High sodium foods also have a tendency to cause dizziness, so choosing other foods like fruits and vegetables will help a lot. 

Something else that you can do is keep a log of dizziness and what you ate prior to the symptoms. This can help you determine what foods to avoid. Remember, if dizziness is consistent, visit a specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

With ENT’s Fyzical Therapy, we diagnose with the newest technologies and treat based on individual needs. Check out this video below to learn more: 

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