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New Developments in Office Based Balloon Sinus Surgery

Balloon Sinus Surgery Alternative

Computer Image Guidance comes to Office Sinus Surgery Standalone balloon dilation performed in the office has proven to be an effective and beneficial alternative to the standard Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for patients with certain types of chronic sinusitis that have failed conservative medical antibiotic management.  The benefits of balloon sinus surgery over standard endoscopic …

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Balloon sinuplasty can change your life!

Have you heard of balloon sinuplasty? Are you one of the 37 million Americans who suffer from chronic sinusitis? Balloon sinuplasty may be the answer you are looking for. Symptoms of sinusitis include nasal congestion, sinus pressure, facial pain or pressure, headache, swelling around the eyes, and postnasal drip. Traditionally, treatment for sinusitis was limited to …

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