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The winter months pushing cold, dry air has been known to cause all sorts of  ear, nose and throat problems. Adenotonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids and is one of the most common ENT conditions found in all age groups, but most commonly children. Trying to differentiate a acute tonsillitis from Adenotonsillitis …

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QTip Injuries

Stemming from a recent patient encounter for removal of an ear foreign body, here are a few tidbits on q tips and ear safety- A significant number of urgent care, emergency room visits stem from ear injuries resulting from attempts to clean the ears using qtips Its still a large misconception that qtips are required …

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Visual Vertigo

Visual Vertigo rehab

Visual Vertigo: Why is this happening??? The truth behind why this is happening to you and how it can be fixed without the use of medication. Is your world is spinning out of control?  Do you ever feel like being in a closed or crowded space makes you dizzy?  Does going to the grocery store …

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