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Best At-Home Sinus Remedies

Headaches. Face pain. Stuffy nose. Thick and discolored mucus. Body chills. All of this sound familiar? Sinus infections tend to slow us down and make us lethargic. That’s a problem for those working, moms and dads, and people who just have a lot to do. Even if you have a scheduled appointment, you probably need some quick relief. That’s why we’ve come up with some of the best at-home sinus remedies to keep you moving. Just remember: nothing beats getting in to see a doctor for more permanent relief. 

No more word congestion! Let’s drain this blog of unnecessaries and get started!

Sinus Remedy #1: Hot Water/Steam

To break up that thick mucus, jump into a hot and steamy shower. This generally brings quick, but temporal pain relief. You can also boil water over the stove and breathe in the steam. Not a permanent solution, but relieves enough pressure to keep you going. 

hot steam

Sinus Remedy #2: Warm Compress

According to WebMD and Medical News Today, a warm compress will greatly relieve the pressure building up in the sinuses. That’s usually where the worst of the pain is too. Take a moment and just relax in bed or on the couch and place that compress over your eyes and nose. Relaxation also helps the body recover more quickly. 

Sinus Remedy #3: Drink Up!

drinking water for sinus relief

Specifically water, not dairy products. Anything like that only thickens mucus and makes the situation worse. Yes, a milkshake might boost the mood, but it’s not worth the pain. Fruit juice and certain teas are also good alternatives,but in the end, water is the best. 

Sinus Remedy #4: Neti Pot

I personally stand by this one. Not only is it good while in the middle of a sinus infection, but it’s great for preventative care as well. Essentially, you’re just flushing out your sinuses of anything that’s not supposed to be there. Like pollen. It also greatly relieves the unbearable pressure. 

If you’re having sinus troubles more than a few times a year, you might have chronic sinusitis which means the best at-home sinus remedies only go so far. If this is the case, the ENT Institute offers various treatments that can alleviate that as well as cure it. To learn more about what we offer, sign up for free information at the top of the page. If you’re ready for an appointment, give us a call at 770-740-1860. Same-day and Saturday appointments available.

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