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Benign Tumors




Benign Tumors

There are several lesions which are common

Seborrheic Keratosis. They are common in the head and neck areas and the trunk . They have a definite border , and are often pigmented. They have an oily feel. A shave with a blade can be  done to make the diagnosis in uncertain situations and as treatment

Verruca vulgaris( wart )  Caused by a virus. Sometimes they spontaneously resolve .If not can be treated by liquid nitrogen or excision.

Actinic keratosis.  Sun induced, generally small, are rough and are whitened. About 10 % of these can be premalignant ie can become a cancer. Therefore, these should be treated . There is a variety of methods- freeze, burn , topical chemotherapy or surgery .

Cysts There is a variety of lumps which can accord throughout the body.  Sebaceous cysts can grow and may get infected. Therefore they should be surgically removed. Dermoid cysts present similarly. A cyst from joint lining cells are called ganglions. Most common areas are the wrist and finger joints.

Lipoma Fat cells can cause a lump. Untreated they can get quite large.  They should be removed when they are small to simplify the procedure and reduce the length of surgical scar.

Hair tumors  There is a variety of tumors which originate from components of the hair follicle. They present as a lump in a hair bearing area and can be excised.

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