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Be Careful What You Eat This Halloween

Halloween is coming up and that means kids will be obtaining as much candy as humanly possible. It’s an exciting night for kids (and even some parents) when they get to dress up and have an excuse to eat a pile of their favorite treats. There’s nothing wrong with having some fun and downing some sugar, but like everything else, moderation is key. Why? Well from an ear, nose and throat perspective, there are certain ingredients in foods and drinks that can actually make sinus issues worse, so as the title suggests, be careful what you eat this Halloween.

Again, we’re not saying that you should make your kids avoid Halloween or skip the Halloween party this year, just listing food and drink items that can be avoided if sinus problems are a factor. These are geared toward both kids and adults: 


This is a tough one because chocolate is amazing, but can lead to sinus inflammation. Small amounts at a time can prevent sinus congestion from getting out of control. 

Other Candy

Really anything with refined sugar can be a problem for the sinuses. According to an article at Yahoo! News, “Sugar is very pro-inflammatory, so the production of the mucus is usually because your body got irritated,” says Dr. Humml. “It’s the inflammation prompts the body to make more mucus.” If you have a tiny bit of sugar, you’re not going to feel these effects as prominently; but if you’re sensitive to sugar and eat plenty of it, you could feel a little stuffy.”


It’s unfortunately true, but anything with dairy has the potential to cause mucus buildup. That also includes milk chocolate. Want to pop in a scary movie and have milk and cookies? Maybe reconsider if you have natural sinus problems. 


Going back to the dairy thing, there’s plenty of that in pizza…obviously. But things like tomatoes also have an effect on our sinuses as well. So go ahead and have that Halloween party with boxes upon boxes of pizza, but beware of the effect it has on the nose. 

So, after this you might be wondering what you can eat and still not have a lame Halloween. Well, if you’re still planning on going all-in, then there’s a few items you can eat afterward to help clear up those sinuses like green vegetables (broccoli, spinach), peppers (cayenne), and ginger. Be careful what you eat this Halloween, but don’t forget to have a good time too. Just make sure you have a backup plan.

If you’re nasal and sinus issues persist, don’t hesitate to give the ENT Institute a call at 770-740-1860 or visit the website at

Illustration by Parisha Patel

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