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Am I going to die…From a Broken Heart?

Am I Going to Die is a weekly live show, hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Gallups and Melissa Moritz. Exploring new, controversial topics ranging from immunizations to GMO’s. Dr. Gallups and Melissa debunk common myths using the science and medicine behind the issue as well as their personal experiences. This past episode explored the possibility of dying from a broken heart, considering it was Valentines Day! So, is it true…can you die of a broken heart?

What you will learn in this week’s episode:

  1. Can you die from a broken heart?
  2. What is Broken-Heart Syndrome?
  3. The difference between a heart attack and broken-heart syndrome.
  4. What are the causes?
  5. Does your diet affect your cholesterol?
  6. And SO MUCH MORE!

Click here to watch the full episode to find out the answers! If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them on our page; we would love to explore more topics that you are interested in! Also, follow us on social media, we give away a $10 e-gift card every episode! Next week you could be the winner so join us every Thursday at 1 pm (EST).

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