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loss of taste

4 Reasons For Loss of Taste

One of the worst things imaginable is loss of taste, especially if you live somewhere where the local food is incredible (e.g. Atlanta). But is this really something that happens to people? Will it happen to you? It’s more common than you might think; whether it’s from something minor or something that requires more medical attention. In some cases, a lack of taste could actually be a loss of smell. Fortunately, most people only have temporal loss of taste and not a permanent issue that can be treated by an ear, nose, and throat doctor where a determination will be made about what’s causing it and if it’s really a sense of taste or the sense of smell. 

Here are some factors that cause loss of taste: 


One minor cause of loss of taste could be related to allergies, the common cold, or even the flu. Most of the time, taste returns after the sickness has subsided. If the lack of taste persists, consulting a doctor should be the first course of action. 

Poor Hygiene 

On a more serious note, loss of taste could be related to poor hygiene, including gum disease. If this is a factor, gum disease could also lead to other health issues such as heart disease. Smoking is also a major component of people with a loss of taste. 


We all age. It’s statistically bound to happen. But if you notice that you’re starting to have an issue with tasting, then it could be related to age. The concern here is that there’s a tendency for people with loss of taste to seek foods with less nutrition. 


Another minor cause is medication, which can easily be adjusted by a doctor, bringing back relief and sensation. 

So don’t fret; loss of taste doesn’t necessarily mean something serious, but it is best to receive diagnosis and treatment from medical professionals. That is something we can do here at the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, where we get down to the heart of the problem and treat accordingly. 

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