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3 Tips to be Stress-Free This Summer

Most look forward to summer as a time to de-stress, with lazy days at the beach or pool, backyard barbeques and time spent with friends and family. But summertime, with all its perks, can also be stressful.

According to a survey by SleepRate, one-third of Americans found summertime to be more stressful than any other time of the year, mostly because summertime means less sleep. One of the biggest reasons for lack of sleep was because of social obligations. Reasons for higher levels of stress included planning for vacations and adjusting to new schedules and routines when their children were off school, and social obligations multiple times a week.

These three tips can reduce stress this summer:

  1. Drop the shoulds. Let go of pressuring yourself with summer activities you think you should/shouldn’t be doing. Instead, allow each day to be what it is.
  1. Make joy in each day. Create small moments of relaxation and fun throughout the day, no matter what else it brings.
  1. Quality is better than quantity. Lots of short strolls through a local park collectively reduce stress more powerfully than a single, lengthy hiking trip.

People, especially women, take on extra to-dos during the summer months. Children’s schedules and activities might mean more driving to and from activities and include extra time watching baseball games or swim meets. You might even find yourself taking on extra responsibilities by becoming the go-to person when other parents are feeling overused. Learning to say “no” to tasks that will add more stress to your life is important. Structure your day and then stick to your schedule. Don’t let other people lead you away from what you want to accomplish.

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