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3 Positives of Telemedicine and At-Home Care

The Teslong otoscope is a mobile device used to see within the ear. Many have probably seen these devices within doctor’s offices – a longer piece with a tip on the end that gives the doctor the ability to see within the ear. Now it’s not only for the office but for patient use as well. Arriving in a small, sleek pouch, the otoscope comes with a video otoscope device, USB cords with varying phone connecting tips (iPhone and Android), and several tips for different sized ear canals. Last, but not least, a mobile app is required for the video otoscope to function. The use of the otoscope is a fast and easy process. Check out our instructional video here. 

Why should this be important to you? Well, we’ve compiled a list of positives that come from using the Teslong device. 

Saves Time

Instead of going to the doctor and getting examined, the Teslong can take images of the inside of your ear. Not only that, but you can send those same images to your ear, nose and throat physician and they can examine and diagnose remotely. 

Saves Money

Ever spent money on a doctor’s visit that could’ve been saved had you had a way of remotely showing your physician what’s happening in your ear? Well, that’s all possible with Telemedicine. 

Don’t Have to Miss Work or School

No more taking your kids out of school or missing precious hours at work just to have your ear examined in person. With the Teslong, you can keep your kids in school and still get a proper diagnosis. 

For a cheap, flat rate, you can own a Teslong device for yourself. So don’t hesitate in ordering yours today from the ENTI website!

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